Permalink Ori and the Blind Forest March 10th 2015

Source: Steam

Moon Studios’ new title, Ori and the Blind Forest, has just released to Steam and Xbox One, with beautiful graphics and widespread rave reviews. Besides being the latest 2D rabbit(ish)-based platformer, why should you care? Among the game’s geographically diverse development team are respected J2O users et (gameplay programming) and EvilMike (level design). I haven’t gotten final word yet on whether they managed to sneak in any explicit Jazz references, so now’s the time to buy it and find out for yourself, as well as to see what they’ve been up to over the past four years or so. Oh, and enjoy the game, of course, but by all accounts that’s hardly a difficult thing to do. ;)


Permalink Changing of the polls March 5th 2015

Have you downloaded anything from J2O lately?
I download everything new 5 votes (9%)
I've downloaded a few things 15 votes (27%)
Not recently, no 32 votes (59%)
My harddisk was full sorry 2 votes (3%)
Total votes: 54

That was up for a while! A long while. Let’s move on… Are there games you spend more time with than JJ2? Personally I’m counting both playing the game itself and also interacting with the game’s broader community (including other websites and IRC channels), but answer the question in whatever way feels most correct for your own life.

(I am asking about your current behavior, however… if you played JJ2 twelve hours a day five years ago, but in 2015 you play it significantly less than Big Rigs Over The Road Racing, JJ2 isn’t your primary game for the purpose of this poll.)

And of course, if there are specific community-based reasons (tournaments, contests, fanart, whatever) that might be leading you to spend more time with another game, feel free to mention them here! You never know but someone might want to make something like that happen.


Permalink J2O's interview with Alexander Brandon February 25th 2015

Alexander Brandon is one of the people you most likely hear everyday, if it’s in Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Dues Ex, Unreal Tournament or some more recent games such as Dust: An Elysian Tail or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He’s has magic hands when it comes down to music, giving us the ambiance or tunes we all love.

So yeah.. it was time for us Jazz Jackrabbit 2 fans to sit down with the man and ask him a bunch of questions.

(Read more...)


Permalink IGN Benelux talks about Arjan and Cliffy B February 22nd 2015


The Dutch version of IGN has made an article about the carriers of our Jazz Jackrabbit developers Arjan Brussee and Cliff Bleszinski. They are going pretty deep with the story of our favorite hare. What games they have produced and where it all ended. They also conclude that Jazz Jackrabbit has sparked a love for sci-fi. As since all their previous games were about guns, aliens and futuristic stuff.

Go give it a read here on IGN Benelux (Dutch)


Permalink The Jazz Duelist's Challenge returns January 30th 2015

Source: JDC

In a surprise twist, JDC is back for another season! It’s scheduled to start tomorrow, so go login right now to have your account activated.

See you all at the opening event!


Permalink JCS Awards: voting January 15th 2015

Source: JCF thread

Nominations are complete, so it’s time to vote for the best levels of 2014! There are six different categories for levels, plus one category for overall best JCSer, so whatever you like playing, hopefully there’s at least one category you feel comfortable voting for.

You aren’t required to have played every single level nominated for a category to vote, but you might as well, right? Head on over to the JCF to see the lists and to cast your votes.


Permalink Playing JJ1 in your browser probably isn't legal, sorry January 9th 2015

There was a newspost here earlier about being able to play a commercial release of Jazz 1 in your browser on a certain archiving website. I have deleted that newspost. I don’t have specifics available for you yet, but based on my private communication with an Epic Games spokesperson, it seems Epic was not made aware of the archiving website’s intentions and is now in consultation with its legal department. (3D Realms, another publisher with games playable on that website, is already aware of the issue but last I checked hasn’t yet taken specific actions against it.)

It’s certainly possible that Epic Games will decide that they’re okay with this, but at the moment they have very much not done so, and in the meantime this should be viewed as analogous to any other warez/abandonware site. Links will not be appreciated. (Or if you’d like a more flattering comparison, consider how many full movies and TV shows are hosted on YouTube until the rights holders complain to Google about them.)

In the meantime, if you really want to play JJ1 online, Classic Dos Games has had the shareware version (with HH94 included) available for years…


Permalink J2O widescreen mode January 5th 2015

An (experimental, probably bug-riddled) widescreen site mode has been added. You can enable it in your site settings (click “Edit settings” at the top while logged in). More info on the JCF.


Permalink JCS Awards 2014 January 3rd 2015

Source: JCF thread

It’s 2015! A happy new year to you all. The start of a new year, by tradition, goes hand in hand with the community-organized JCS awards: prizes and recognition for those who made the best levels for the Jazz games over the past year.

Sir Ementaler has been so kind as to organize the awards this year. Go read the JCF thread and vote for your favourites!

As a voting aid, you can use our list of all levels uploaded to J2O in 2014.

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