Permalink Omri Lahav covering "Jazz Belmont" January 1st 2016


Another amazing cover has been made by Omri Lahav, this time he made a cover from the track “Jazz Belmont” in which you can hear in the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 expansion pack “The Secret Files’‘. He didn’t only made it more rock & roll, you will find some extra surprises that I won’t spoil to you.

Just listen to it here on his Youtube channel!


Quick news bit:

Congratulations to Ori and the Blind Forest for winning the best art direction award at the 2015 Game Awards! Violet CLM

Permalink Twenty Years of Holiday Hare '95 November 17th 2015

Source: Epic MegaNews #10

Remember all those twentieth anniversary news posts from last year? Well, there was still one left to go, because November 17, 1995 was the release date of the second Holiday Hare game, as announced in Epic MegaNews #10!

Last year’s Holiday Episode of Jazz Jackrabbit was so popular that we made a new Holiday episode this year! Holiday Hare ’95 features FIVE of the best, all-new Jazz levels yet, and a rockin’ holiday sound track. Featuring the same fast paced action that made Jazz Jackrabbit the PC Gamer’s (U.K.) Action Game of the Year in 1994, Holiday Hare ’95 is Shareware and is available NOW from all major online services and the Internet.

Instead of limiting the action to a single planet, HH95 presented gamers with two planets: Candion, a classic platform game theme, and Bloxonius, which landed the game on at least one list of LEGO-cameoing game recommendations. ;) Candion was too easy and Bloxonius was maybe too hard, but they were still interesting departures from the other JJ1 planets, which tended to keep cycling around to castles, grasslands, and industrial themes. And maybe you’ll see some more Bloxonius levels released at some point if Blackraptor puts his mind to it. HH95 was much less explicitly holiday-themed than its predecessor, but it was still free free free!

There was also an early plug for Jazz 2 at the bottom of the MegaNews issue; pretty much the same sort of language would appear in issues #11 (April ’96) and #12 (July ’96), followed in #13 (January ’97) by the promise of a feature in that month’s PC Gamer magazine, which you can find on page 56 here.

And if you don’t have HH95 yet, download it free today!


Permalink Rock, Paper, Shotgun posts Jazz Jackrabbit retrospective November 14th 2015

Source: Rock, Paper Shotgun,

In its daily game recommendation, PC gaming site Rock, Paper, Shotgun today highlights none other than Jazz Jackrabbit 1. There are some intersting ruminations on the game’s place in its contemporary gaming landscape and also a plug for JJ2+, which is always nice.

Hop on over to RPS to read the piece.


Permalink New JJ2+ update August 24th 2015

Source: JCF thread

Seeing a new JDC season start, we decided to aim for a sooner release, and I’m happy to announce we finished work on version 5.1 today. As often happens after a major release, this update mostly focuses on fixing various bugs and glitches in previously introduced features.

The highlights of this release are built-in support of 800600 resolution and an /antiradar command that prevents some most commonly used forms of cheating.

The full change log is available here.


Permalink Jazz2Online became 15 years old! August 6th 2015


You might have noticed, you see now the old version of Jazz2Online. This to celebrate the 15th birthday of this webpage.

So take a cake, download something and review it!


Permalink JDC 23 Awards Online, JDC 24 Announced August 1st 2015

Source: Jazz Duelist's Challenge

The awards for the past season have finally been posted, and the next season has been subsequently announced. JDC 24 is set to begin on August 15th, which is two weeks from now!

If you like messing about with graphics, be sure to check out the logo contest on the JCF.


Permalink Ori 40% off June 18th 2015

Source: Steam

When last we posted about Ori and the Blind Forest, that pretty platformer game from et and EvilMike (and some other people), it had literally just come out. Most of the comments were either surprise at the news, initial impressions based on screenshots or videos, or discussion of finances in other countries.

But it’s been a while! Have you played it by now? Do you agree with what Steam calls its “Overwhelmingly Positive” reception? And if you don’t have it, it’s on sale for 40% off and will be for the next thirty-eight or so lots and lots of hours, so I guess now’s your chance.

(Noogy’s Dust, meanwhile, is a whole 66% off, bringing it down to just five bucks.)


Permalink A poll, for you June 12th 2015

Best JJ2 episode?
Formerly a Prince 4 votes (11%)
Jazz in Time 7 votes (19%)
Flashback 14 votes (38%)
Funky Monkeys 3 votes (8%)
Shareware Demo 5 votes (13%)
Holiday Hare '98 0 vote (0%)
The Secret Files 3 votes (8%)
Total votes: 36

However cool Colonius, Carrotus and whatever the other new planets are named were, apparently JJ1’s locales still trump them.

It’s been a slow few weeks in the world of Jazz Jackrabbit. What gets you pumped about the game? New levels? Tournaments? Or is everyone just busy with work or school? Find out in this month’s poll!!


Permalink Jazz 2 mentioned at GDC 2015 May 9th 2015

Source: GDCVault

This is a couple months old now—we don’t have a regular GDC correspondent on the payroll—but you might enjoy it anyway. This year’s Game Developers Conference included a talk, “Scroll Back: The Theory and Practice of Cameras in Side-Scrollers,” which included a couple shoutouts to JJ2 for being innovative and unique and beautiful. Tune in around the 23 minute mark, or read the text version instead. If you’re interested in game development, though, it may be worth sticking around for the whole thing.