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Season 13 - Round 6

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Overall Duels 2 on 2
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- One Day Tournament #5.5 -
Date: 3-5 7:00 pm (GDT 0)
Starts: 0d 16h 27m
Server: JDC ODT 5.5
Type: One Day Tournament
Password: guerrilla
Download: Here
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9-2-07 9:54 PM Galactic Warfare and Happy Semiconductor CTF
Round 6 Information
Roast:Fall: 300
Opponent Quality: 150
Points Per Duel: 0.5
Win Factor: 2
Quality Exponent: 0.5
Full Confidence: 8 Unique Matches
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1 Duel: 0.20
2 Duels: 0.40
3 Duels: 0.60
4 Duels: 0.80
5 Duels: 0.85
6 Duels: 0.90
7 Duels: 0.95
8 Duels: 1.00
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JDC 13 Awards - September 4, 2007 - 12:45 AM
Jazz Duelist Champion
vegito CC
2009 points
Duel Hero SR
51 wins
Rabbit Exterminator SR
669 roasts/ctf points/2on2 Points
Enemy Ravager SR
+16 win streak
Casualty Soldier* maverick
4.90:1 roast:fall ratio
Contest Victor
vegito CC
5 main event wins
Dedicated Player
67 duels played
Dedicated Event Player
vegito CC
51 events
Bravery Award*
76.2% average opponent quality
Newbie Crusher*
6% average opponent quality
Event Master
vegito CC
378 event points
Round Champion
4 rounds won
Team Player
116 2on2 matches
CTF Master*
grytolle and vegito CC
95% win percentage for 2on2 games
Inseparable Partners
Sperry and vegito CC
15 2on2 games played together (all wins)
Find a New Partner
SweetCC and Ana
18 2on2 losses (1 2on2 win)
252 average characters per comment
Obsessive Dueler
21 matches played in a single day (7/24)
JDC is Overrated
7511 page views while logged in
Loves Everyone SR and Napo4Caro
Both dueled 32 separate people
Not just battle1 Quickz
Dueled in 16 different levels
*8 duels required

I hope everyone had fun with JDC this season, I haven't been as active as in the past but I heard the season went well. :) If anyone has suggestions for the future let us know. If you want to have another season before next summer say so; if you want us to change the scoring system then pitch a few ideas on how you think JDC scoring should work.

At least the awards aren't a year late. :)
- Bobby aka Dizzy
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Season 13 has ended - September 3, 2007 - 6:40 AM
I would like to thank everyone for making this a good JDC season. Everything ran smoothly and there was no major drama to deal with. Overall I would rank this as one of the better seasons.

Congratulations to vegito for winning the season! This is actually his third season win in a row, which is quite an accomplishment! And on top of that, I believe this sets a record for most JDC seasons won by a single person, consecutively or not.

Honourable mention also goes to Superjazz, who finished at second place, only 70 points behind vegito. Usually the gap between top players is a lot more than that. Superjazz also deserves thanks for the amount of effort he put in to hosting the events this season.

Awards should come eventually. That's up to Bobby, but he told me that he'll try to get them done soon! Which is better than waiting a year I hope!
- EvilMike
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Closing Event and more. - September 2, 2007 - 10:53 PM
Alright. The final event is over.

Thank you all for participating and congratz to Sasik for winning. He actually won 13 out of 15 rounds, and even in the rounds he lost he didn't lose by much! Also congratz to Gry (2nd) and SJ (3rd)..

A big thanks to SJ for taking care of most of the events this years JDC season :-) He made the mappool most of the times, and thought up what kind of event we can do. I really appreciated it as I myself usually don't like making a mappool and such. I stick around with old levels mostly, haha.

I found this years season a great season, espescially thanks to/with its events. Many people participated and the environment was great usually. So thank you all for that too :). Also thanks to Enig for taking care of the first 2 events this season. (as NO other official was availible at that time, hah.) I think this is pretty much it for this years' ending post from me.

Thank you all for participating in this season, and thanks for the great events we had too <3!
- vegito CC
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Final day of season 13 - September 2, 2007 - 6:56 AM
Sunday is the last day of this JDC season. After the final event, JDC will be open for another 12 hours or so, but after that, you will be locked out of submitting duels. Good luck to everyone!

And maybe awards will take less than a year this time!
- EvilMike
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Officials versus Competitors - August 30, 2007 - 12:09 PM
Even this season the competitors weren't able to defeat the mighty officials. The event ended in overall score 76-53 for the officials, so it wasn't an easy task for us at all. Competitors won 2 rounds from 15. Good game!
- Superjazz
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Final round! - August 27, 2007 - 8:46 AM
Round 6 has begun. As usual, the final round is worth extra points. Make those last few duels count!
- EvilMike
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Round 5 - August 20, 2007 - 7:13 AM
Round 5 has started. There is no ending event for round 4, since there was already an event in the middle of the round and a large spontaneous event on Saturday.

Round 6 will probably be the last one for this season, unless there's a good reason to extend things. I find popularity tends to wane past that point, which makes things less interesting.

- EvilMike
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The spontaneous event. - August 19, 2007 - 1:32 AM
Well, thx all for participating.
I think it was a very very good event with hardly any incidents or anything. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this event. It was some sort of a replacement for the weekly event, which happened last thursday already.
I espescially liked the small tournaments myself, we even managed to get 16 players in the first round :-) haha. Great job.
Thanks all for participating and have fun the next round (and the end of this round.)
- vegito CC
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Round 4 has started a few hours early. - August 13, 2007 - 12:53 AM
I'm going out of town for a few days and won't be able to do any JDC stuff, so I'm changing the round now instead of tonight.

Happy dueling everybody!!!
- EvilMike
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Weekend Event of Round 3 - August 12, 2007 - 9:23 PM
We are now done with the quite 0ldskool Bank Robbery/Jailbreak event.

The first JB-round we started with was a festival of lag yeah, and took at least as much time as the two other JB-rounds overall.

Until the Bank Robbery-rounds started, few people left the event already, and some tough people remained. Congrats to DarkSonic for winning the event, as well congrats for Vegito and myself(2nd and 3rd place.)

Stay tuned for another event during the next round(week.)
- Superjazz
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Round Three Has Begun - August 6, 2007 - 7:47 AM
Same settings as round 2! Good luck to everyone !

Duel your hats off.
- EvilMike
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5 Augusts event. ;) Or rather - August 4, 2007 - 8:21 PM
Okay so the event is done. Thanks for participating all :-) The scores will be done later as I have to go now. I got all the screenshots and stuff though so its np. This event was a real nice one I think. Not too many players and no real whiners or anything. The event went by smoothly ;). Actually, it was funny too. Thanks to Gerard too for actually MAKING it funny all by himself! ;P I enjoyed it, gg :-)

Or as Gry said: "Another successful event... but...WHY IS SASIK SAYING NUMBERS??"

And the scores are now uploaded... So are the rawscores. If you want to have the screenshots I can give them all ;p
- vegito CC
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Regarding today's event - July 30, 2007 - 10:15 PM
We thank you for attending in large numbers, and apologise for the several inconveniences during the event due to triggers being missed for a lot of people because of massive lag.

In case this is not immediately clear, scores were calculated as follows: since there were 6 rounds of LRS, 4 of Ground Force, and 2 of CTF, I converted the points to 30 for LRS, 20 for Ground Force and 10 for CTF, and added all those scores to arrive at the total scores, which were converted to event points.

Vegito adds:
I notice some people are playing teambattle. I'd like to say that you should not use the full score of the battle. Just if you for example play till 25, do something like.. the winners team got 25 roasts. 25/5 = 5 POINTS. The other team has for example 18 roasts in game. 18/5 = 3.6 POINTS.. 3.6 is closer to 4 so make the score 5-4 instead of 25-18 then. Thx in advance. I hope its clear ;)

EvilMike clarifies:
There is no actual rule that says you should do this, but it's recommended anyway. The reason, is simply that your score is based largely on your roast:fall (this stat includes ctf points). There are other factors too, but in simple terms, a 25-5 game will have a similar result as five 5-1 games! This is not so good if you were on the losing team. Therefore it's considered nice to upload it at a lower score (judge this on how long the game took). You won't get in trouble if you don't... but it's considered a good thing to do anyway.

Vegito adds more:
Yes thats what I ment pretty much ;-(
- Enigma
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Round 1 ends soon! - July 29, 2007 - 11:58 PM
Round 2 of season 13 will be starting in a few hours. Now would be a good time to verify any outstanding duels or 2 on 2's you have, since they will be removed when the round changes (unless they were just submitted, of course).

In round 2 opponent quality will start to factor in to your score. This means that it will be important to pick good opponents if you want to maximize your points.

Update: Round 2 has begun! There were no unverified duels greater than a day old, so none have been removed.

I would also like to remind officials that players may only receive points for 1 small event per day (for example a 3vs3 or 4vs4). For every event past the first one, they should be given 0 points for that event. They should always get points for large events though, since they are less common and generally not organized by the players themselves (and thus can't be abused).
- EvilMike
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Ground Force Event - July 29, 2007 - 2:59 PM
We're sure all you event lovers will be delighted to hear that we have not forgotten about you and that there is a Ground Force event scheduled for tomorrow (Monday, July 30).

On a related note, please keep in mind that there is no American version of this event planned. After the less than successful Western opening event, there won't be mirrored versions of the Euro events for now, until there is a somewhat significant interest for them again.
- Enigma
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JDC Rules - July 25, 2007 - 8:27 AM
There's been a little bit of discussion of cheating lately and I think reiterating the rules will help everyone. I encourage everyone to read the rules again. If anything doesn't make sense please leave a comment.

In particular though, I want to make sure that everyone is familiar with rule 10:
You are not allowed to duel people who do not play jj2. In other words, do not have your friend who has never heard of jj2 make a jdc account just because you can get easy points that way.

I hope that everyone has been enjoying the season so far. If there are any problems don't hesitate to leave me a message. J2O/JCF private messages or email should all get to me.
- Bobby aka Dizzy
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Western Opening Event - July 22, 2007 - 1:56 AM
UPDATE: The Western part of the opening event was a complete failure. The few players that did show up were even euro themselves. This means future events will be (or mostly) euro events from now on.

The euro counterpart started the season off quite well despite some minor problems.
- FireSworD
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Season open, events soon to come - July 22, 2007 - 12:56 AM
There have been some unfortunate scheduling difficulties regarding the opening events. Because of this, I have decided to officially start the season before the event, rather than after it. Do not worry: the opening event will occur, just later than was originally planned. I am sorry for the inconvenience. We are doing our best to get things up and running, but schedules can be chaotic sometimes.

In conclusion: You are now free to begin submitting duels. Have fun, and good luck to everyone!
- EvilMike
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The Jazz Duelist's Challenge, season 13, starts this Saturday! - July 18, 2007 - 3:08 PM
Stock up on your seeker missiles, grab your LFG, hunt down your duel buddies, and find your CTF partners, because...

'It's that time of year again.'

JDC will once again return on Saturday, 21st of July, and we encourage all of you to participate in its 13th season. We have a spiffy, new logo, created by last season's fourth-place finisher, Sperry, and some exciting opening events for you. While you should still wait for the Western opening event's date, you'll be pleased to hear that the Euro opening event will start on Sunday, 22nd July.

Stay tuned for more information, exact times, server passwords, and event level pack downloads.

We remind you that due to the popularity of opening events, player slots are limited, so please only attend one of the opening events.
- White Rabbit
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Not even one year late! - July 8, 2007 - 1:23 AM
Jazz Duelist Champion
vegito CC
2473 points
Duel Hero vegito CC
51 wins
Rabbit Exterminator Quickz
584 roasts/ctf points/2on2 Points
Enemy Ravager vegito CC
+19 win streak
Casualty Soldier* grytolle
7.71:1 roast:fall ratio
Contest Victor
vegito CC
3 main event wins
Dedicated Player
70 duels played
Dedicated Event Player
vegito CC
58 events
Bravery Award*
76.6% average opponent quality
Newbie Crusher*
31.2% average opponent quality
Event Master
vegito CC
432 event points
Round Champion
vegito CC
5 rounds won
Team Player
64 2on2 matches
CTF Master*
77% win percentage for 2on2 games
Inseparable Partners
Quickz and Sasik
8 2on2 games played together
Find a New Partner
maverick and Quickz
Quickz and Cooba
5 2on2 losses (all losses)
274 characters per comment (average, one more character than last season!)
Stop Trying
6 duel losses against Quickz
Obsessive Dueler
12 matches played in a single day (6/4)
JDC is Overrated
vegito CC
18215 page views while logged in
I <3 Awards
R3ptile/Cooba/SuperJazz/vegito CC/Sucer/grytolle/Emperor/Snooze/Quickz
Waited impatiently for these awards
*10 duels required
- Bobby aka Dizzy
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