J2LC is aimed at providing the JJ2 community quality levels. In the past, we've been a trademark for quality.

We don't take new members at the moment.

Fquist Founder of J2LC
Disguise This guy cracks up so much good levels.. it's amazing. :P
Bobby A person with very creative ideas. Is very knowledgable when it comes to jcs.
Newspaz Is known for his Putrid monkey strikes back and the "Rabbits Only" site, which has deceased.
ShadowGPW  Former Mystic Legends member. Known for his upcoming future evolution pack and his Clanwars packs.
Snooz A good level designer. One of his levels made it into this year's bash.
Spaztic Known for SXR, one of the best single player packs released in Jazz's history


Project evolution - A CTF/Team battle pack containing 10 levels, all by Shadow[GpW] (finished)
Doomed Earth - 2 level CTF pack made out of levels that were made by multiple J2LC members
Treasure hunt pack - A Treasure hunt pack that is made out of levels that were constructed by multiple J2LC members.

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