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May 15, 2004, 07:09 AM
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The contest has just ended. I'd like to thank all those who've participated. And to those who have at least tried to make a level yet ran out of time.

Now time for me to quickly judge theese levels:

Nippius level 2
A JJ1 level by Violet_CLM aka Unknown Rabbit.

I was surprised Violet sent me a JJ1 level for this contest. I actually had to use a different computer to get JJ1 to work so I could play this level. I started in a place where I saw a bunch of zombie Jazzes walking around, surprisingly they couldn't hurt me, I found a path near the upper right corner which led me out of that particular spot. I then approached a place where I saw a blaster shot seemingly coming out of the wall at certain times, because of the way it was placed, it was very difficult to avoid. And there were other strange JJ1 events used like swinging springs, yes SWINGING. I can't provide any more details about this level since you just have to see it for yourself once I have it posted on the poll.

Boss - The First
A Boss level by RoW_Odin314

This reminds me of a concept BlurredD tried once. Clients could only join the server as red and your job as a client would be to take on the server with all his almighty powers, however BlurredD's level was CTF. This on the other hand seems to be designed for players just to go towards the bottom which I assume is where the server "Boss" should be.

Throughout playing this in LRK's server, I got the powerups which I assume only the server is supposed to get, and I was on red team too. I'm not sure if this is what you've intended as I admit I don't think I totally understand this concept.

Some race level
A Race level by Blackraptor

I kinda rushed Blacky into submitting this to my contest. To be honest, this actually feels like a foo race with good eyecandy, in the beggining you're whipped by fierce (TOO FIERCE) winds while trying to shoot blocks after that, you're playing is now shifted to more vertical landscapes in which you should avoid springs and such. At some point after in the level you have to run left, get the trigger, then run right to progress; it's been done before, and I personally hate that concept. Still this level is good, however because Blacky didn't upload the level on J2O or couldn't provide a link to it. I just can't add it to the poll. Sorry Blacky.

Abandoned Mines
A Single Player level by White Rabbit

This level was a late submission. It's a fun level, but there are some parts I questioned heavily, like at the part which you should push the boulder down to a certain area, I once pushed it all the way to the back of a wall without realizing I should've stomped some other blocks below it first. I tried, going as far away from that place as possible, but it just wouldn't reset itself. Another thing: the place where the boulder should be going, I can RF climb up it, I dunno if this was intended or if it's a bug. Also, Some places seem biased towards Spaz.

Near the Temple
A CTF level by wadledee

You entered a contest, and made a level with a gametype which you say you're new to. Not something I'd ever do. The teams apparently have been named "Light Team" and " Dark Team" and to fit the theme, the lighting changes as you enter either places where the bases are placed. The level doesn't seem too balanced, Blue base or "Dark Team" is so much easier to defend than Red base, even eviler than in JAIL aka Happy Castle CTF. As for the eyecandy I can't say I dislike the moving sand around the middle section of the level, but the animations are somewhat ugly. There's also pointless use of ice in the level, although some people may not consider this a big problem, I take it seriously because of JJ2's annoying auto-change feature. That's about all I can say for this level.

The lava cave
A Battle level by Satan

Interesting music choice. The layout of this level is very linear, some places are too platformy. Flowing is very good though thanks to it being so linear. the eyecandy is dead average. You need about 50 coins to get the seeker powerup - not a problem. Two +1 carrots are placed at the top area both on opposite sides, and you can easily get both of them at once. There's really nothing else about it, but it's a decent level.

Foundation Ship
A CTF level by DarKSoNiC

A balanced symmetrical level. The design of the layout isn't too pretty and the eyecandy is yet again dead average. Because of the lack of originality I can't really say anything else about it. However, I have some pointless advice for you: Try to put a little more effort into the design of your levels, and don't always rely on using a symmetrical layout just because it's one of the easiest ways to balance a CTF level.

Lost Pyramid
A CTF level by Snooz

Probably my favorite aspect of this level are the brick walls in the BG, the windows look very nice, the use of layer 6 may look a bit out of place, but still nice looking, and very original. The layout is surprising good considering it's another symmetrical level. I especialy like the flow, however some places are weird flow-wise. Overall I like this level. Because Blacky and White Rabbit didn't upload their levels, this one is most worthy of it's place on THE poll. Congrats Snooz!

E. Prime
A Battle level by BlurredD

I couldn't decide wether to judge the LRS version or the battle version, oh well. This level just rocks, and is definitely going on the poll. I refuse to give away information about the level you just have to see it for yourself.

Congrats to the three l33ts:


Good luck you've all done well. I'll now post the poll.