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Jun 20, 2005, 12:07 PM
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L33tz4n calls a mighty Mythslayer forth from some horror novel somewhere
The Mythslayer slashes Spotty (4 damage)
Shuriken dramatically slices Unfooruman (5 damage)
L33tz4n whips Spotty thrice (3 damage)
The Water Elemental splashes Spotty hard (5 damage)
Spotty has the power! (+12 HP)
Spotty SUPERSLAPS L33tz4n. (8 damage)
Unfooruman defends
Unfooruman unsummons the Mythslayer!
the Mythslayer dies

Unfooruman HP:33/38  Charm:   Curse: Shuriken HP:16/16  Charm:   Curse:
the Water Elemental HP:8/8  Charm:   Curse: Spotty HP:22/22  Charm: +12 HP/turn.  Curse:
L33tz4n HP:1/9  Charm:   Curse:
+1 movement. Takes effect round AFTER it is cast.+2 movement for Shuriken until end of turnSummon an Enchantresphere. Immune to magic.