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Nov 26, 2005, 02:15 PM
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"Thank you for whatever," I told the rabbit, leading the party outside. L33tz4n was in the main grocery store waiting for us. She seemed shocked by the blood. "Don't worry, we're probably next," I encouraged.
We walked out into the snow-covered plaza, past a statue that would probably prove mildly useful for defense as soon as something attacked us. All of a sudden, a cold tentacle shot out of the snow and wrapped itself around my leg. This all felt oddly familiar, so I decided to just close my eyes and wait.
"Raaaaaaaaaeeeeaaaaaarrr KRTHUNK!!!"
"Whhrrrwhhhhhrrrrrr clickclickclickclick-KSHOO"
"Hey, it's like a family reunion! Only none of us are related."

Araches/L33tz4n HP:20/20  Charm:   Curse: Grandma Conquista HP:24/24  Charm:   Curse:
Furious the Monkeyboy HP:22/22  Charm:   Curse: Ice Hydra with one more HP than the rest HP:21/21  Charm:   Curse: ICE HYDRA HP:20/20  Charm:   Curse: Scholar Sam HP:15/15  Charm:   Curse:
Perfect Solstice HP:39/39  Charm:   Curse: the Snow Succubus HP:38/38  Charm:   Curse:
Ice Hydra HP:20/20  Charm:   Curse: Jim HP:20/20  Charm:   Curse: Faw/Uberbob HP:24/24  Charm:   Curse:
Shuriken HP:17/17  Charm:   Curse: Fooruman/Canoe HP:20/20  Charm:   Curse:
Deals 10 damage.+2 movement. Takes effect round AFTER it is cast.-1 HP/turn.Raises target attack power by 2Control an enemy for one turn. Enemy can't act its next turn.Summon a Mythslayer. Can cast Slay.Summon a Water ElementalSummon an Enchantresphere. Immune to magic.Attack changes randomly and heals half the time.Every time the target casts a spell they take 4 damage.The target is disenchanted and becomes immune to magic.+10 HP.Raise a fallen ally with 1/2 full health.Target's spell effects removed+15 HP.Raise a fallen ally with 1/2 full health.Attacks based on amount of damage caster has taken.+8 attack and +2 movement for Fooruman until end of turn. Used before moving.The target's spells are no longer used up when cast.Raises somebody and puts them under your control, but they die at end of turn.Deals damage equal to target attack power.Create a block. Can be destroyed with melee attacks.Lets Sam cast any number of spells in his turns.Deals 6 damage.Deals 15 damage.+1 movement. Takes effect round AFTER it is cast.+2 movement for Shuriken until end of turnAttacks based on amount of damage caster has taken.