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Nov 29, 2005, 12:17 PM
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Okay, I'm back =D
Well, I guess Ae DID post first and nobody actually agreed with anyone else, so I guess it defaults to Ae. And he threatened to cry. Sorry, WR D=

"Quickly, let's go east then north!" I said. A string of oddly familiar events followed.

Grandma Conquista defends
Sam points at Araches/L33tz4n, and the universe shudders with power.
Scholar Sam converges the energies of the universe into a single, sturdy cardboard box.
Shuriken is bitten by an Ice Hydra. (6 damage)
Shuriken is bitten by an Ice Hydra. (6 damage)
Red and green flame burns away Araches/L33tz4n's enchantments, at Solstice's nonverbal command.
ICE HYDRA defends
the Snow Succubus defends
Jim defends
Perfect Solstice defends

Grandma Conquista HP:24/24  Charm:   Curse: Scholar Sam HP:15/15  Charm: Lets Sam cast any number of spells in his turns.  Curse:
Furious the Monkeyboy HP:22/22  Charm:   Curse: Ice Hydra with one more HP than the rest HP:21/21  Charm:   Curse: ICE HYDRA HP:20/20  Charm:   Curse:
Araches/L33tz4n HP:20/20  Charm:   Curse: Shuriken HP:5/17  Charm:   Curse: Ice Hydra HP:20/20  Charm:   Curse: Perfect Solstice HP:39/39  Charm:   Curse: the Snow Succubus HP:38/38  Charm:   Curse: Faw/Uberbob HP:24/24  Charm:   Curse:
Jim HP:20/20  Charm:   Curse: Fooruman/Canoe HP:20/20  Charm:   Curse:
the box HP:40/40  Charm:   Curse:
Deals 10 damage.+2 movement. Takes effect round AFTER it is cast.-1 HP/turn.Raises target attack power by 2Control an enemy for one turn. Enemy can't act its next turn.Summon a Mythslayer. Can cast Slay.Summon a Water ElementalSummon an Enchantresphere. Immune to magic.Attack changes randomly and heals half the time.Every time the target casts a spell they take 4 damage.The target is disenchanted and becomes immune to magic.+10 HP.Raise a fallen ally with 1/2 full health.Target's spell effects removed+15 HP.Raise a fallen ally with 1/2 full health.Attacks based on amount of damage caster has taken.+8 attack and +2 movement for Fooruman until end of turn. Used before moving.Raises somebody and puts them under your control, but they die at end of turn.Deals damage equal to target attack power.Deals 6 damage.Deals 15 damage.+1 movement. Takes effect round AFTER it is cast.+2 movement for Shuriken until end of turnAttacks based on amount of damage caster has taken.