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Jan 10, 2006, 12:17 PM
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"So, any ideas on how to get back out?" Uberbob asked me. "And, like, unimpale whats-her-name," he added. Leetzan, presumably still in pain, cast him a glare that would have killed him if he had half a mind.
I did have a few ideas. I signaled for Faw to get out of the way and chucked the carved gem at the spikes as hard as I could. It bounced off harmlessly, producing nothing but a loud "TINK". With no success in damaging the doors, drew my sword and attacked the wall adjacent to the barred-off enterance. The walls obviously were not any kind of normal ice, as my blade bounced harmlessly off (though the recoil sent a painful, numbing vibration up by arm).
A new idea struck me. I tucked the crystal shard neatly back into its corner and put the gem we had found in the tent in the middle of the floor, where the pyramid once stood. Much to my surprise, absolutely nothing happened. We didn't even have to run from a giant rolling rock.
Fawriel had done a moderate job with stopping the bleeding, though Leetzan didn't seem too happy with it. Araches, who had remained fairly neutral through all of this, looked like she was going to snap and kill Leetzan soon if she didn't stop whining about being impaled. I decided to try one last idea.
"Fooruman," I addressed, "try that Quantum Squaredance thing on the spikes."
"No," he responded.


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