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Apr 7, 2006, 08:50 PM
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Originally Posted by BlurredD
It seems a lot more practical for the uploader to include screenshots, though. The tileset itself only shows so much, while a screenshot can be a lot more informative.

Here's an idea: What about something that could take a scaled screenshot of an entire level (or rather, all the layers where the X and Y speeds equaled 1) with perhaps all of the visible events? I know Neobeo practically made something like this already, but I think it would have its uses.
Well ok, this is a prototype from 3 weeks ago, haven't worked on it since then. Made in Visual C++, it only reads layer 4 and represents the players as dots. (I probably stole the concept/idea from Overlord's VCR) The actual purpose of it was to test out its ability to parse J2L/J2T from within memory rather than reading player's positions. Also, while I'm able to read events, I found it impractical to include them.

If you see a chatlog in any of them, that was made in VB, and has been abandoned in place of a C++ one. So...
(Coincidence? I just noticed today that all the vcrchat screenshots have BlurredD in them)

About anyone discussing tileset screenshots, (and if you haven't noticed), I uploaded an opensource tileset extractor. As for OpenJazz2, it sounds great and good luck with it. I actually tried making a Jazz2 implementation once, more of an ASM to C++ decompilation rather than a re-creation of the game engine, and haven't really gotten that far. Finally, the 1.24 to 1.23 J2L converter should work, except I have never made a 1.24 level and therefore have no idea what the differences are.
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