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Aug 27, 2006, 02:59 AM
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Well there are lots of keywords you can use actually. I'll quote Neobeo from #jj2:
Neobeo: [1] NEO-dingdongss [2] JCSinterlocation0 [3] neo.outsleepsX [4] jcs.distillerZ [5] mycoplasma/ [6] hyPothermice [7] oesmonk [8] nenusai [9] lempnud [10] ecooolv [11] chroakx [12] zafumo [13] ghBMP [14] RSZEQ [15] 148x4 [16] 8RKi [17] ÂÃ7
It's basically a matter of finding out a keyword that its hash matches the one that represents a depassworded level.

EDIT: I also made this little garbage program (my first C++ release) to "corrupt" your J2L files. "Hafe vun".
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