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Nov 19, 2006, 04:37 PM
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[Slay] The Mythslayer swings his sword and a blast of light follows in the wake of the blade. As it flies it takes form as a swordblade of light and picks up speed, and within seconds it has so much momentum that it blows clean through the Lurker
the Mythslayer slashes the Lurker (4 damage)
Shuriken dramatically slices Abydos (2 damage)
Faw/Uberbob defends
Araches/L33tz4n defends
the Mythslayer falls into the pit.
the Mythslayer dies
the Lurker lunges at Shuriken (5 damage)
Abydos opens its door. The shadows beyond form into a tongue, which lashes out and pulls Shuriken into its jaws... (6 damage)
[Last Breath] the Lurker shudders and raises its arms. It begins to twitch hideously and fall apart, then, in the midst of it's death-throes, it is suddenly calm... and lifts itself up like a puppet, dark energies defining it's form even where there is no body left, ready for a final struggle.

Abydos HP:38/40  (+):   (-):
the Lurker HP:3/30  (+): Temporary Invulnerability  (-): -1 HP/turnShuriken HP:6/17  (+):   (-):
Faw/Uberbob HP:24/24  (+):   (-):
Araches/L33tz4n HP:20/20  (+):   (-):

Deals 10 damage.+2 movement. Takes effect round AFTER it is cast.-2 HP/turn.Control an enemy for one turn. Enemy can't act its next turn.Summon a Water ElementalSummon an Enchantresphere. Immune to magic.Summon an Accupuncturist. Can heal and turn on needle timeThe target is disenchanted and becomes immune to magic.Raises max and current HP by 10+15 HP, nonmagic, only at melee rangeRaise a fallen ally with 1/2 full health.Raises somebody and puts them under your control, but they die at end of turn.The most versatile spell ever. Period.+2 movement for Shuriken until end of turnAttacks based on amount of damage caster has taken.