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Jun 29, 2007, 01:56 PM
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Uberbob rushed towards the table and began to tug at the handles on the drawers. They didn't budge. "Crap, they must be for storing glue."
"Or just locked," Faw proposed, confirming the cabinent was as well. He tried reaching for the paper and first aid kit on top of the cabinent, but they were out of reach. It was a pretty big cabinent, probably containing amazing things.
All of the clocks were still functioning, but none of them had numbers. I took a closer look at the clock on the broken trolley; the back had a knob for changing the time. Judging from the orientation of the word "ClockworksTM" on the back, the correct time was a little bit before 3:00.
"Got a hot date?" Araches asked, leaning against the side of the dome. Near her, the pipe led into a heater. I ignored her.
The trolley was made of rusted metal, with 3 wheels bolted to it. The last wheel was missing its bolt and had fallen off.

Hoping no one would notice, I took the magnifying glass and crowbar.