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Jan 24, 2015, 02:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Treylina View Post
It doesn't screw anything up, it's just visual.

I'd like to mention I was working on a Lori fastfire sprite. It looks a bit off-model to me so I may tweak it again. I'll likely get back to it soon, hopefully in time for 5.0, but I can't guarantee it.
Hell! It would be awesome to see lori gun animations! Looking forward to the final version.
Also, ya planning to make a Lori gun powerup box as well?
This ain't really a suggestion or a bug report, but, is someone from the plus team already drawing more letters from JJ2? I started drawing some today, I completed only these ones (so far ;p).

Yeah i just copied stuff from other letters, but still.
I'm planning to make bigger sizes and more missing letters, but I'm just checking if someone is already doing this, so I don't do this for nothing.

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