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The Rabbits' History Book


1. Rabbitus
2. The migration
3. The unification
4. The civil war
5. The kingdom of Carrotus from 2997 B.J to 1456 B.J
6. The great battle for Carrotus
7. The revolution
8. The New Carrotus and the Republic of Lavalar
9. Carrotus and the Galaxy's economic union
10. The Diamondus games

Chapter 1: Rabbitus

Centuries ago, at year 3861 B.J (before Jazz) the universe, the infinite space for the milions of planets themselfs, was gifted with a new kind of civilisation, which was the presenter of the new, never before seen species, at least that's how the Quke, the greatest and smartest civilisation of that time, wrote on their long lost scripts...

The Rabbi, as the Quke tribes called them, were the natives of the new Qukish colony. In the honour of the Rabbi, the planet was named Rabbitus.

The Quke tried to use the Rabbi as slaves, not knowing about their advanced war technoligy.
The Rabbi refused to be slaves, which is why they wanted to have their first war in the last 167 years. The Rabbi won and the Quke never came back to Rabbitus again, but the Quke did not lose entirely, since the Rabbi decided to use the Qukish language as their official one, and inspired by the Qukish monarchy system, made Earlong, the comnander of the army in the great battle against the Quke, their first king.

Six hundred years later, the Rabbi version of Qukish language changed, so the Rabbi eventually developed their own, Rabbit language, which is why they later name theirselfs as Rabbits.

Through centuries, the Rabbits discovered many planets, with most of them being ex-Quke territory. But back then, they were against war, so they were more like travelling sailsmen.

Chapter 2: The migration

But the story of Rabbitus ended at exactly year 3000 B.J , when the Turtle tribes invaded Rabbitus. With Savin Earlong VI, the current ruler at that time, being an incredibly clumsy ruler, war was not an option. Savin's brother, Vincent, suggested that the king should lead half of the people to a safer planet, while Vincent would lead the other half to some other safe planet.

With the Rabbits escaping, the Turtles were the new rulers of Rabbitus. They turned it into the capital planet of their empire, as it is today, now known as Turtemple.

Vincent and his half eventualy found a planet, not knowing where his brother was, not knowing if he's even alive. He found an incredibly powerfull and energy giving vegetable on that planet. He asked the planet's natives what is it, but the natives answered 'Carrot?', which meant 'What did you say?', on the uknown language. Because of the carrots, as how Vincent thought they were called, he and his people stayed on that planet, and Vincent was crowned king. And so the Carrotus kingdom was born.

Chapter 3: The unification

Vincent successfully took care of the civil members of his half of the Rabbits. They stayed on Carrotus for three years, so they can be sure that the Turtle tribes won't find them in space.

While Vincent ruled over Carrotus, his brother and king of all Rabbits, Savin VI, also found a safe planet. Due to empty food supply, Savin's half of the Rabbits was starving. And when they found the above mentioned planet, it had only cabbage on it. So the planet was named Cabbagius, since the cabbages saved Savin's people from starving to death.

By pure coincidence, Carrotus and Cabbagius were close enough to eachother. The astronomers of both planets noticed the specific royal spaceship design, so both sides knew they found eachother.

Vincent and Savin were together again, and founded 'The Rabbit Union' (or 'The RB' for short). This was Savin's idea, hoping that he'll be able to get back to Rabbitus and rule over it again.

Thanks to this union, Carrotus and Cabbagius acted like one kingdom, ruled by both Savin and Vincent.

Chapter 4: The civil war

The RB had successfull economy, in which Carrotus and Cabbagius mostly exchanged carrots and cabbage.
It lasted for 2 years, until Savin and Vincent got into a conflict. Vincent's people, from Carrotus, wanted to keep Vincent their king, because they were aware that Vincent was not clumsy like his brother Savin. While Savin thought that both Carrotus and Cabbagius should merge into one kingdom ruled by him, Vincent wanted to keep Carrotus independent. He too was aware that Savin is not able to be a good ruler. Vincent refused to get his people in danger by making them battle for Rabbitus, because he thought that the Turtles were too powerfull, even if both his and Savin's Rabbits would've fought. Savin wanted to do everything to rule over Rabbitus again, so he prepared an army to attack Carrotus. The goal was to kill Vincent, who was standing in his way.

But knowing his brother's selfishness, Vincent prepared for battle, and the great civil war of the Rabbits happened. Nearly half of the Rabbits died, and Carrotus won. Savin died in battle, leaving Cabbagius in Vincent's hands. Since Cabbagius was Carrotus' first colony, it was renamed to Colonius.

Chapter 5: The kingdom of Carrotus from 2997 B.J to 1456 B.J

The kingdom of Carrotus always had, and it still has, a very very very long list of rulers. Before Jazz, the Earlongs ruled over Carrotus, and the royal family was never changed.

Vincent ruled over Carrotus for 40 years (2997 B.J - 2957 B.J). While he was king, he donated lots of money to turn Colonius into a big city, into a modern metropolis of that time. He wanted to do this because Colonius was closer to the most advanced planets of the time than Carrotus, so he wanted Colonius to act like a presenter to the advanced of how the kingdom is modern.

Vincent's son, king Alden, ruled over Carrotus for 36 years (2957 B.J - 2921 B.J), and continued with turning Colonius a modern planet. Thanks to him, the Colonius investments turned into a tradition for the next thousand years, until king Lazlo (1920 B.J - 1870 B.J) stopped the tradition. He thought that the capital planet of the kingdom had to be more modern than its colony, which is why he spent a lot of money, and is the reason Colonius looks old today, since later kings stopped investing in it, too.

The last king of the pre-1456 B.J Carrotus was king Dante (1480 B.J - 1456 B.J). He died in the great battle for Carrotus, which was fought between the Rabbits and the Turtles, who won the war.

Chapter 6: The great battle for Carrotus

The Turtle empire has always been interested in extermenating Rabbits, mainly because they thought that the Turtle tribes were direct descendants of the Quke tribes, which is why they wanted to avenge their ancestors who were defeated in the battle for Rabbitus. Even though the Turtles made the Rabbits leave Rabbitus, and even made it the Empire's new capital, they had the need to fully exterminate them.

This is why the Turtle emperor Tortus Tortoius Shell (1484 B.J - 1453 B.J) invaded Carrotus at year 1456 B.J. Everything went successfully for the Turtle army, because they caught the Rabbits completely unprepared. But King Dante did not give up, even though Shell's army counted 500 000 000 members, where 256 000 000 members of the air fleet, 40 000 000 were commanders and the rest were infantry. Dante had only 4 000 000 soldiers, where 20 000 were the air fleet, 2 000 000 commanders and the rest were part of the infantry. Nearly all of the Rabbits died, including king Dante and a great number of his generals.

The Turtles won the battle, and turned Carrotus and Colonius into their new colonies. Carrotus became important for the Turtles because carrots worked great as fuel for their spaceships and other machines.

Chapter 7: The revolution

At year 1455 B.J, King Dante's son, prince Solomon, held a secret meeting on occupied Colonius. Many of Dante's friends, generals who survived the great battle for Carrotus, were present that day. They talked about the situation and made a plan to atack Colonius's Turtle army, which is why 6 months later they gathered an army with 60 000 members and attacked the Turtle army's base on Colonius. Everything went well for the Rabbits, because besides taking control over Colonius, the Rabbits found more ammunition, battleships and the famous Shell kevlar in the base.

Losing Colonius got the emperor real angry. Worried that the Rabbits might defeat his nation again, he didn't hesitate and sent all of his battleships to attack Colonius.

Prince Solomon thought that Tortus would send the whole army at once, so he made a special tactic which is still used today. Since they had Shell kevlars, they eaisily made themselfs look like members of the Turtle army. They fired up all of the Turtle battleships and filled them with "shelled" Rabbits. When the actual Turtle battleships spotted them, they thought that backup is coming. Noticing that, the Rabbits attacked them from behind.

That's how the battle took place in space, and is remembered as one of the most chaotic battles in history. Many of the ships hit eachother, including one with Tortus in it. The Rabbits won, and Tortus died. The Rabbits got control over Carrotus again, and Solomon was crowned king. Thus the new
kingdom was born, where the Rabbits still live today.

Chapter 8: The New Carrotus and the Republic of Lavalar

The new kingdom became well known for its rise up against the Turtles, as well as its carrot products. Products such CarrotJuice® and CarrotJam® made the kingdom a lot of money, which is why many planets wanted to cooperate with Carrotus. One of those planets was Lavalar, a lava world. Besides metals, Lavalar never had any useful products. The people of Lavalar had only mushrooms and the stelfruit, a rare, but not that tasty fruit. Lavalar, however, had a great and well equiped army. At year 1380 B.J, Carrotus' king Salmin was aware of this, so he made a partnership contract with Lavalar's president at that time, Alavando Bloo. The deal was that Carrotus supplies Lavalar with food, and Lavalar in return supplies Carrotus with metals. That way, the people of Lavalar had delicious carrot products, and Carrotus' army had better war equipment, made out of Lavalar's metal. The cooperation with one of the best 'mines' in the entire galaxy got even more planets wishing to make a deal with Carrotus, but it also got some planets interested in taking control of it...

Chapter 9: Carrotus and the Galaxy's economic union

King Salmin was aware that trading with Lavalar was good for his military and industry, but he wasn't aware that he would recieve countless business offers from other planets. Naturaly and not that naturaly rich giants such as Diamondus, Crysilis, Tubelectric, Letni, Candion and Ceramicus wanted to make deals with Carrotus so much that they even tried bribing the king with their planets' goodies. King Salmin just couldn't say no, so the new Carrotus kingdom turned into a very rich planet, in a 10-year period!

This was the start of an economic union that is now known as the Galaxy's economic union (GEU), a partnership that started out only between relatively rich planets, but later started helping planets that do not have much to offer as well. It was founded at year 1362 B.J.

Turtemple, the 'owner' of many planets among the universe, did not like the idea of the GEU at all. Mainly because Turtemple would later lose the role of the lead industrial giant in the galaxy, but its colonies would later get interested in the GEU, because they hoped that an intetplanetaral alliance could free them from the Empire. Fearing that, the Turtles decided it's time to investigate.

Chapter 10: The Diamondus games

Turtemple would've caused yet another war, if it weren't for Diamondus' old Diamondus games tradition. The Diamondus' games started out around 3000 years B.J, and have been held every fourth year. Although this rule was sometimes ignored. Before Diamondus became a member of the GEU, only people from Diamondus had the right to compete in them. There were, and still are, lots of tournaments: Running, Swimming, wrestling Quko-Rabbi style, mini spaceship racing, tenis, netball, etc.

When Diamondus became a GEU member, they decided to welcome athletes from all around the galaxy. Since year 1350 B.J, billions of people visit Diamondus every fourth year, so they can root for their champs.

Turtemple was invited as well, and since Diamondus was always an ambassador of peace, GEU member or not, the Turtles decided to send their best sports players.

However, these Games were the first to be considered a failure, since this was the very first time politics were involved in sport. Fearing the Turtle emperor will get angry if his country doesn't win at least one tournament, the GEU decided to give 1st place to a Turtle swimmer in the finale of 200m free style, in a photo finish, that was actually won by a Rabbit. This unfairness was a big disapointment for the Rabbits.

More coming soon

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