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Dec 17, 2022, 01:02 AM
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MLLE v2.18 has been released so that you can use the new layer options introduced by JJ2+ v5.10. Consider re-extracting "MLLEProfile - JJ2.ini" and "MLLEProfile - TSF.ini" so you'll see the new textured background options. Also MLLE supports JCS's tab key now, "stijn vision" also applies to the event tree, and in JJ2+ levels you can place events anywhere you like now, not just the centers of tiles.

Also: weaponVMega8.asc turned out to have a syntax error that was ignored in earlier versions of AngelScript but doesn't work in JJ2+ v5.10. Please download a fixed version here. (I've also added the fixed version to my two uploads containing it.)

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