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Mar 20, 2023, 12:34 PM
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We've got the results!

Best Battle Level of 2022

Asteroid Armada - PurpleJazz [10]

Honey Catacombs - Lynx [5.75]
Winterfrost Mountains - Dragusela [2.75]

Runner up: Lost World - Dragusela

Thank you for all of your votes! I feel like I have a lot to owe the JJ2+ developers for making Asteroid Armada possible in the first place, it's been a passion project that I've wanted to do for a really long time, but didn't have the chops to pull off until recently. Well done to the runners up; both Honey Catacombs and Winterfrost Mountains have proven to be palpable hits in the last JDC season, and no doubt will continue to provide plenty of entertaining Battle games in the future!

Best CTF Level of 2022

Timberland - Loon [6.75]

Halle der Orgelpfeifen - Loon [5.25]
Obsidian Cave - PurpleJazz [3]

Runners up: Moon Base - Dragusela [2.5], Celestial Temples - Dragusela [1]

Double whammy victory for Loon! Timberland and Halle der Orgelpfeifen are two the finest levels to come out in the previous year, and offer some fantastic gameplay presented in delectable packages. Although definitely much less ambitious than Loon's efforts in CTF this year, I'm still thrilled to see that Obsidian Cave has earned some praise. I want to give a personal shoutout to the close runner up Moon Base, which has a fun and interesting layout with a unique theme. It's something well worth your time if you're looking for something different to play a 3vs3 in 2023!

Best Single Player Release of 2022

Jazz Jackrabbit 2,5 - The Big Rescue (Part 1) - Sly [9.5]

Rainbow Runner - Blade [4.75]
Future2055 - Lynx [4.25]

Runner up: Nostalgia Pack - abgrenv [2.25]

I think it's safe to say that Sly's episode is among the greatest J2O debut releases of all time. JJ2.5 is a fun romp that combines some oldschool design sensibilities with a modern flair, all while packing a humerous story. It's definitely no slouch in the difficulty department, but it's also mostly on the fair side. I sincerely hope that Sly returns in 2023 for Part 2! The example levels for both Rainbow Runner and Future2055 do an amazing job of showcasing their respective tilesets, and go to show that taking the time to put together a well built example level really pays off - they're both highly enjoyable to play in their own right even if you have no intention of using the tilesets yourself. Props to abgrenv's Nostalgia Pack for offering a great vanilla JJ2 experience.

Best Eyecandy of 2022

Timberland - Loon [6.7]

Rainbow Runner - Blade [4.7]
Honey Catacombs - Lynx [3.2]

Runners up: Obsidian Cave - PurpleJazz [3], Asteroid Armada - PurpleJazz [2.9], Halle der Orgelpfeifen - Loon [2.1], Moon Base - Dragusela [1.6], Future2055 - Lynx [1.5], Celestial Temples - Dragusela [1.3], Lost World - Dragusela [1]

There were certainly no shortage of great looking levels in 2022, and this was admittedly a tough category to make definitive voting choices in. Nonetheless, a winner has been declared - Loon's Timberland is a visually stunning level that is guaranteed to leave you in awe with its grandiose scenery and intricate details, all while not being in the least bit distracting from the core gameplay either. Rainbow Runner's example level(s) (in fact, both of them!) are beautiful in their own right and really show off what the tileset can offer to level makers while being visual treats themselves. Honey Catacombs meanwhile is probably 2022's most visually creative level, combining various tilesets along with some new tiles to pull off a theme that has seldom been explored in JJ2 to date.

Best Tileset of 2022

Rainbow Runner - Blade [11.5]

Future2055 - Lynx [7]
Timberland - Loon [2.25]

Runner up: Grassy Hills - DennisKainz [1]

Any year with a new Blade tileset is a great year in my book! Blade's 15th tileset was absolutely no disappointment, and once again cements his legacy as one of JJ2's legendary tileset makers. I'm really excited to see what levels come out of this tileset in 2023; while being perhaps the perfect tileset to celebrate Pride 🌈, it's also an excellent choice for those looking to make pastel cloudscapes, or simply something delightfully twee! Future2055 is a worthy runner up, having a well realised theme that would lend itself well to a large variety of levels, such as the spiritual successor to Distopia[sic] perhaps? Well done also to Loon for managing to take Diamondus in a whole new direction, while doing the impossible and finally making Inferno tile!

Best JCSer of 2022

Loon [7.25]

PurpleJazz [5.25]
Blade [3.5]
Dragusela [3.5]

Runners up: Lynx [1], Sly [1]

Despite only releasing two levels in 2022, I believe Loon to be a highly worthy winner. Timberland in particular is an absolute masterpiece that represents the current zenith of JJ2 level making. However, I'm still convinced that Loon has even better things to offer in 2023, especially given all of the new exciting JJ2+ developments - I can't wait to see what he comes up with next! Thank you so much for making me your runner up, I really hope that I can continue to bring you a steady supply of new levels in 2023. Well done to both Blade and Dragusela for taking the joint third place! I have high hopes for both of your future endeavours in 2023 in beyond. I think Lynx and Sly also deserve special mentions for their creative efforts in the year.

Here's to a great 2023!