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Aug 3, 2009, 01:34 AM
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You know, this is really amazing and all, but people should host this more often. A lot more. This looks like so much more fun if you're playing this in a 16-man server.

- The map is huge enough to hide, so you don't die all the time.
- Chatting / helping each other out is a good addition to any multiplayer game.
- Perhaps there should be a tea-house in every city (you know, the idle/nofire zones) so nobody has to run all the way to the teahouse if they wanna idle and chat a little.
- There should be quests you can only do with 3/4 people. That would be very, very awesome if done right.

If I wasn't working at the moment (on an island without internet) I would host more often myself, but alas, I'm physically unable.

I believe this certainly deserves a huge clap, as this is probably the only 'hotel' level that actually works 99% automated, all with one tool.