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Originals is doing well so far

Mar 20, 2016, 12:09 AM
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Originally Posted by DennisKainz View Post
You merged Jazz with Rayman, right?
I strongly discourage taking stuff from other games in a commercial game, you know. But this is a fangame. It's a totally different thing.
Feel free to esperiment with all kind of stuff. Just keep in mind that if you'll ever found a company, you'll have to be original. Very original.

Now to try your game ...
Yes it is fan game, non commercial and im not starting a company so yea...

Originally Posted by Stijn View Post
This is quite impressive!

The physics have some notable differences to JJ2's own, for example in the way you accelerate while running. Is this intentional or something that would be fixed later on?
True, (de)accelating is currently faster. I also think a factor is how the camera moves that makes it feels different.
It is not a direct port so it will never be 100% accurate to jj2. But Physics will get tweaked along the way, but not with the intention to make it exactly like jj2.