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May 2, 2021, 09:11 PM
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Public test: CTO in full screen fix

SO! I've been bashing my head against this problem for four straight days of reading about low-level APIs and I may have found a solution:


On my Windows 10 computer, this fixes the bug causing me to get a Connection Timed Out ("CTO") error when I enter full screen in an online server. But this is such an OS-specific problem (and interacts so directly with extremely fundamental internet connection code) that I'd like as many eyes on this as possible before putting it in JJ2+ 5.9, including eyes both from people who do experience this bug and from people who don't, to make sure there aren't any adverse side effects in unexpected cases.

When reporting whether this works for you, please mention which operating system/s you tested it on, thanks!

Seren adds: [W]e'd like to know that besides the fix working, it doesn't have side effects. It's hard for me to tell what to expect since the fix involved interaction with the Windows API, but maybe try such things as alt+tabbing out of a full screen game, exiting the game while it's in full screen, changing active resolution in options while in full screen, generally full screen things. [T]est network-related code.

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