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Dec 18, 2021, 05:25 AM
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Hi, I've promised Love and Thunder to reply here.

You already have a good comprehensive list of differences between vanilla and Plus. Leftover ideas:
  • You should be able to avoid loading the water in Beach 2 by holding jump during level load.
  • Huge boost away from the woman after getting bitchslapped in Colony 1 as Jazz. This didn't work in Plus 5.5 Beta, it works in vanilla.
  • From vanilla, I remember: As Jazz, when you jump into a ceiling and double-tap-then-hold the jump key (?, I forgot the exact inputs), Jazz will immediately copter-ear after touching the ceiling. This allows you to pass Diamondus 2 without activating the bridge crate. And there is a spike section in Castle 1 where the common speedrun route does this, too. This was not possible in Plus 5.5 Beta.
  • From Plus 5.5 Beta, I remember these crate-pushing physics: When you walk up a slope into a crate, your character would sink into the ground.
  • Spaz will vertically clip into ceilings and the run uses that in several spots; those should function. People love such shortcuts. But I don't remember if Plus messed with this part of the physics.
Enemies randomly dropping carrots: The gut feeling is that the probability should stay the same as in vanilla. The randomness is part of the run. Sometimes, you want the health, sometimes, you don't want the health, e.g., for death-warping to a checkpoint. I'd leave carrot drops as they are is in vanilla. They're not a crashing bug, unlike the bubble shield buttstomp crash or the music race.

I still haven't played Jazz 2 since fall of 2017. I follow the community, but AFAIK still nobody but me uses Linux or has such excessive crashing. Don't push this work merely for me. But maybe this mode will entice new runners to try!

-- Simon