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Mar 23, 2013, 07:51 AM
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A few more things i'd like to see in the new plus (angelscript):
1. A function or property to see if a player has died for ALL players. For example a function onPlayerDeath(int playerID) or a property jjPlayers[pID].isDead (which could be true for a small time or untill the player has spawn).
2. Being able to change the jjPlayers[pID].flag variable.
3. A property jjPlayers[pID].name that shows the name of the player as string.
4. An option for the server to execute a plus command but without the line showing up in the chat (now you can use jjChat("/something") but it gives spam)

Most of it you have probably already thought of but if you didn't, here you go
[13:07:13] *** Foly is on a KILLING SPREE!
[13:07:14] *** you killed yourself
[13:07:14] *** Foly was looking good but died instead...