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Apr 8, 2007, 01:29 PM
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Theres only one person who I know of who still has the source code, thats Becky(formally known as Burger). She got licensed by Epic Games to port the PC game to Mac. Because of this, she got the full source code of the PC version (which is what we want) and also the Mac version which may be helpful to the Mac gaming community(?).

She has said to me she would hand over the source code, if I could get hold of someone from Epic to give her permission. Whenever or not she would actually go through with it is another question, but everything else I've spoken to her about she was always honest about and happy to help.

(Becky to those of you who don't know, is known to the community for hosting the old List Server which was the only list active when Epic games pulled support.)

I have contact with Warren from Epic Games (due to our conversation with getting the epic domain forwarded to my domain) and am working with him to perhaps get permission, nothing much on that front (its usually a week or two by the time he gets an email from me, and I receive the reply) but I will keep you updated on the status of that. Warren does have regular contact with both CliffyB and Mark Rein who I guess are the two people who would need to sign off on this at Epic Games?

Then again, none of this mentions Orange Games, I'm not to sure in their involvement, but Becky mentioned nothing of them and mentioned she got the source and the license from Epic Games which makes me wonder what Orange games actually own in regards to JJ2.