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Apr 8, 2007, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by SonicNathan 1 View Post
Really? So theres a good chance we will FINALLY get the source code?

I wouldnt say good chance, but I wouldn't say bad chance. There is no way I'm promising I can pull this off. My conversation with Becky was over a year ago though I still have her on my contact list. My conversation with Warren has been more recent, and its mostly about the gaming industry and how to get in it, but I have brought up the possability with him.

While I can't dedicate tons of my time to this, as it is my appearence in the JJ2 community has been non-existent for quite a while though the odd 5 mins popping on JCF (and more recently the bash). I will do my best and continue to bring it up in conversation and see if I can get it going somewhere postive.

I still do recommend everyone else to continue there own methods of acheiving the common goal of getting hold of the source code, with more possabilities means more chances of sucess.

I will get back in the coming months if any news develops and such. Just really don't want the community thinking I am getting the source and then getting disappointed, I'm only talking about one possible way of getting hold of it which I am looking into.