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Apr 4, 2007, 11:56 PM
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30-Second Timeout (CTO) Solution

JJ2 UDP Port Chooser v0.75

It's somewhat of a beta and fairly rushed, but just in time for AB9. From the readme:

This program is meant to help those who cannot join servers without being timed-out after 30 seconds. Support for TSF (including the LK Avalon version) has been included.And now you can use JJ2's command line arguments with this program as well as port numbers below 1024.

How To Use:

Extract the files to the same directory then run jj2udp.exe. The program will be used to launch the JJ2 exe of your choosing and to decide which UDP port to use. The UDP port chosen must be between 1 and 65534 (inclusive). It is recommended that the port you choose is above 5000. For whichever port you choose, you may be forced to open that port within your router/firewall. If you have both 1.23 and TSF, you can choose to use the additional setting for TSF by running the program with "-tsf" as the argument. However, the "-tsf" argument is not necessary to be able to use TSF with this program. The program settings will automatically be saved when exiting the program (through pressing enter) after a successful launch of JJ2.
Feedback is appreciated.

Edit: With the addition of port choices below 1024, people with connection problems may be able to join games without any port forwarding. But using one of these port numbers might cause some problems. You're free to try them out though.
Extra. No CTO v0.75
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