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Jan 11, 2014, 09:47 AM
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You could probably STILL buy an unopened version of 1.22 JJ2 with that card in it advertising for JJ1. But JJ1 runs on DOSbox now as opposed to being native to Windows. They're just two different operating systems, one would probably have to recompile the whole original project just for it to be a version of JJ1 that could compete with OpenJazz.

That reminds me of Jazz Jackrabbit for Windows Phone by Dobermann Software, which also uses Windows 8, which is a true port of JJ1 to Windows Phone. However, it's been taken out of the marketplace because it's not the 'real' "Jazz Jackrabbit" therefore it's copyright infringement. It'd be more accurately described on the Windows Store as being a Jazz Jackrabbit Port.