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Jun 17, 2018, 02:36 PM
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Exclamation A report here

You know, I'm using the latest WINE stable release (3.9) to run Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and I'm have some really bad problems with my Sanmos TWIN SHOCK gamepad.

One one the symptoms just happens to be "mouse pointer constantly moving to the left", so I figured that I'd report the problem here.

Another problem is that the player always looks up unless I move the stick into the up direction.

From what I could gather, it seems that the stick only returns integers, which explains why the directional button works erratically; and dwPOV return numbers from 0 to 31500, being 65535 when nothing is pressed.

This is what is being reported when nothing is pressed:
This is what reports when the Button 2 is being pressed:
And this is when I move the left stick to it's left-up position and the right stick to it's right-down position:

Though I might report this to the WINE team as well since in WINE's Joystick configuration panel, the 1, 2, 3 and 4 buttons flicker when holding them pressed, instead of just staying pressed and I recieve this message in the terminal:
0029:err:hid_report: process_hid_report Device reports coming in too fast, last report not read yet!

And here's the video of WINE's control panel bug: