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Jun 1, 2019, 06:45 AM
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Crazy personality just like Ripper Roo from Crash Bandicoot 1&2, Sticks the Badger(wild life(not at all)behavior like Tarzan,Jill of Jungle) from Sonic Boom,Fox Moulder from X-Files? Well former and fallen Hollywood actor Mel Gibson(there was Duke Nukem 3D mod with included assets from Doom including dialogues like from classic Fallout games where Duke Nukem sprites were swapped with Donald Trump sprites where Hillary Clinton was a antagonist and Bernie Sanders as just his enemy in that case Doom Guy could be Mel Gibson),controversial celebrity Alex Jones people were joking about him that he's Doom Slayer in Doom eternal source film maker video, well Raiden in metal gear solid 2,Paul Denton from Deus Ex 1,Sticks from Sonic Boom,Private Snafu from episode rumours speaking of fictional characters,I'm not paranoid like Donald and Daffy Ducks or crazy like early design of Bugs Bunny laughing like Mel Blanc's voice of Woody Woodpecker,I'm not stuttering like Salesman from Merrie Melodies episode Jungle Jitters,Billy Marshall portrayed by Jim Carrey believed in conspiracy theories even actor himself. Patrick Vega and Wojciech Smazowski loves making controversial movies in Poland.

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