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Jan 6, 2018, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by AvalancheMaster View Post
* Do you plan to implement the sounds as well? As it stands, at least some of the enemies are completely silent.
I have little to no technical knowledge about sound or sound files. I don't know how to extract samples from JJ1, and I don't know how to translate JJ1's sound settings into JJ2's sound settings. Someone else would have to do all the heavy lifting on this one. In the meantime, there are SetDeathSound, SetBulletFireSound, and SetBulletExplosionSound options already in the library, though you have to provide your own samples for those or use JJ2's native ones.
* Do you plan to implement boss battles?
Not particularly. JJ1 boss behaviors are just complicated enough that they'd take some work to plausibly recreate, yet not complicated enough that they'd be interesting experiences in JJ2. And I think it's more useful to have a source of additional enemies.
* Would you consider including an option for enemy sprites that are more similar to JJ2's style, (if an artist is willing to contribute some minimal effort to the project, that is) mainly fixing some horrible shading (no major edits), or you want to keep this as close to JJ1 as possible?
The idea as stated doesn't excite me, and sounds like mission creep, but I guess I might change my mind if someone actually tried this.