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Feb 8, 2018, 10:31 PM
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The latest version has been uploaded to J2O. Changes:
  • The latest versions of TrueColor and Resize are fully integrated, so the color quality is better than it was before and you can resize any enemy to any size while setting it up, still as a single API call.
  • Fixed glitch of SetWalkingEnemyCliffReaction method not working for any enemy at all.
  • Added SetEnemySpeedsAreScalable, SetBulletSpeedsAreScalable, and GetFirstFrame methods.
  • Probably fixed some edge case issue with trying to use the same enemy (with different eventIDs) twice, once with useTrueColor enabled and once without.
(No new enemies have been added, though, so we're still on v03 for the .j2a file.)