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Dec 16, 2007, 11:12 AM
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No, since we'll be sleeping by then xD.

The betatest was great, many people have shown up (highest population at a time: 17 people in the server!), there allready have been sold more than 5 houses, and most people had finished all the quests which where available =P

When the server will be online, is currently unknown, but I hope to host around christmas (25 / 26 december for people who have lived in a cave) again. It will buy us some time again to respond to the bug reports which have been send, and we'll try to get some more quests in it
Also I'd like to put the player names at the sold houses, and maybe decorate Karrot Shire special for the christmas season! I'll tell you later I will host.

Karrot Shire is on its way.