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Feb 9, 2014, 02:01 AM
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Lightbulb Figure remodeling is Funny.. right?..

This is one of scene in the jazz jack rabbit 2 intro.


Gave some changes...

Jazz with Ingram(one of smallest SMG in the world.).
I think he took out this gun may his lovley main big blue gun is not work. Oh dear..

Jazz jack Brawler? Jazz scrag the Devan!
Looks VERY nice, but Why is this combat tactics does not exist in the game ?(It's a VERY VERY totally cool skill!)

Jazz jack Samurai? Wow. He have a sword!
Why this weapon does'nt exist on the game?
(But I think if we can use this weapon in the game, The evaluation of the game 'll more than 18 years or older ..Probably..)

Jazz jack wizard? Oh, god.. What the..

OK! That's Enough!..

I don't want to give anymore the change! ANYMORE!!

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