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Dec 17, 2014, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Slaz View Post
The only published (read: leaked) thing that most closely resembles the concept of a 'beta' would be 1.10o. It more closely resembles the final product than 1.00g and 1.00h did, but is far glitchier and didn't have a publisher determined.

Still, JJ2's development was supposedly kind of rushed, and considering the problems with the 1.00 versions I doubt the devs had interesting inhouse builds that would be nice for us to see. The real intresting beta's are for games that have been in 'development hell' which were redone almost completely. Think about LameDuke for Duke Nukem 3D, or some Nintendo games reviewed by Beta64.
I think they had some 'inhouse builts', Look at the interview with Nick Standler
Quote:Initially, between each “scene” there was to be a 3D time warp sequence in which Jazz and Devan were to battle with each other until they reached the next destination. Arjan actually coded a 3D sequence for it which looked pretty damned cool. We just couldn’t make it work.