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Jul 24, 2018, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by PT32 View Post
What about sound muting? If I wanted a level to just play music and not sound effects, what code would I use?
What you'd need to do here is find a .wav file that makes no sound at all, such as HH17_Null.wav, and use the jjSampleLoad function to replace each sound that might play in the level with that .wav file, one by one.
Also, I am trying to figure out how palette hue shifting works. I want to set a level's palette to be black-and-white, possibly increase the contrast (if possible), but I'm having trouble with the Plus example AngelScript for palette editing.
If you want the whole level to use the same palette, instead of worrying about editing it line-by-line in script, I'd recommend either editing the level's palette inside MLLE or else using Palette Suite or some other dedicated program to create a .pal file and then loading that.
Also also, I'm trying to figure out how to use new multiple layers (layers past the base 8) in MLLE and I seem to be having difficulty making them show up. Could someone explain that process for me please? It looks like it should be straightforward but when I test the level the new layers don't appear ingame.
It should be straightforward, yes, so some more details about what it is you're doing might help. Are you sure you're running the level in JJ2+, not regular JJ2? Do you have AngelscriptDebug=True in your plus.ini file, and if so, do any error messages appear when you try to test the level?