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Feb 6, 2014, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by ThunderPX View Post
If I knew anything about composing with a tracker (I don't, I find the interface terribly unintuitive), I'd jump at the chance to do the soundtrack for this. I'd probably try to rearrange the Sonic 1 soundtrack in a very Jazz 1-like manner, maybe include some little references to other Sonic games like the levels do... but yeah, I've never really had the patience to sit down and learn such an obsolete form of making music.
Well, I have a lot of experience making module music with Windows trackers, but I can't really write sheet music right now.

If you do make an arrangement, and you have it in some form of sheet music, it would be faster for me to transcribe your arrangement into a module file than it would for me to make my own arrangement.

I guess the arrangement should be for ~4, ~8 or ~12 instruments, guesstimating from the number of channels JJ1 songs typically use.

I would just suggest a limit of only a few minutes per song, or else people who play the levels won't get to hear the whole song.

To reiterate, my plan for this project is to create a .mod file and convert it to .psm. AFAIK, That's solely dependent on the .mod file being ~100 kb.