Thread: Bug Report Version 5.7 Controller Problem
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Jan 14, 2021, 05:19 AM
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Unhappy Version 5.7 Controller Problem

Hi im having issue when using controllers in JJ+ v 5.7. In vanilla jazz the problem is not present so im guessing it have something to do with changes that are in +.

When connected controller it is not detected it have some phantom input (always looking up) and also it is not detected as Joystick in jazz and it is not possible to do any mapping, but strangely some buttons do something for example L2 act as esc and circle as enter. but when pressed it will do multiple inputs at same time like 5-6 actions.

for now im solved the issue with "-nojoy" argument and used antimicrox to map controller input to keyboard but this prevent couch party with friends even tho i have 4 controllers available.

it is possible to build plus.dll without any controller changes ?

i saw something similar in other thread but the links were dead and im sure that it was for older version

Thanks in advance