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Feb 5, 2013, 04:01 AM
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The ready-start feature is broken somehow:

[14:18:06] -t3>CJ: /readystart on
[14:18:06] *** -t3>CJ is READY!
[14:18:08] -t3>CJ: /readystart off
[14:18:08] *** -t3>CJ is READY!

It worked fine in my own server, but once Zeal servers got updated, I couldn't toggle the feature on/off as a remote admin in any case, it only displayed the ready-text above(without getting me ready of course.)

DanZeal set the feature to default to true in plus.inis. However, the zeal servers themselves also have /idleserver on by default, whenever started/restarted. This mode seems to break the feature for the players because the game counts the non-spectated idleserver as a player participating, so until the server types /ready as well, the game won't start. However toggling idleserver off/on once in each zd seemed to fix the problem, because it made the server hide itself from the playerlist and it finally didn't count as a participant. Typing /ready as a server didn't work anymore.

Anyway, it's not a very urgent fix as logical.
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