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Apr 8, 2015, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Just a Random User View Post
Also I noticed one bug. If you are playing Single Player, then use jjmorph to morph to frog or bird, and go to warp - you wont warp (just like before). But, if you then go away from the warp and use jjmorph again to morph to Jazz/Spaz/Lori, you will warp automatically, even tho you are not in the warp at that time.
This has always been the case in JJ2.

Stijn is correct in his reiteration of my sentiments. Nobody is saying in here that alerts are the holy way of the future and to speak against them is blasphemy. I'm just saying that right now, the level of someone's displeasure with them is inversely correlated with how long that person's been playing with them, and it'd be good to take a few days and see if that trend continues.