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Jul 19, 2017, 12:38 AM
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Realistically, I think [declare wontfix] is what will happen. I expect the category of "speedrunners on Linux" isn't much bigger than yourself, to be honest.
Very reasonable -- I've focussed on other games in the meantime. If this issue becomes wontfix, I'll continue and lay aside the Jazz 2 itch for some years.

I've discussed this issue with Violet 6 months ago. Since this issue wasn't mentioned in the Plus 5.5 release notes, I'd like insight on the recent planning, thus this thread.

Maybe it will happen! There's an issue for it in the JJ2+ issue tracker already, in fact.
I'll certainly follow the culture, even if I don't run!

not a way to make that less work to implement :P
Ideally, it would be my work.

I know that nobody else needs this. It would be egregious to demand so much work and maintenance from others. Plus caters to multiplayer and their own physics, this issue doesn't fit.

I can't patch Vanilla without at least the basic bugfixes open-sourced. I'm a programmer, but I've never hijacked execution and injected methods into binaries. I know where Vanilla crashes in the disassembly. My binary-patching is feeble -- overwriting the instruction with nops makes Vanilla unbootable, and I didn't have other ideas.

The gist: I want exactly one bug in Vanilla patched, the crash between levels. I'd be open to learn how exactly Plus does that. Would the Plus devs share knowledge?

-- Simon