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Apr 1, 2021, 10:12 AM
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I don't know anything about the music problem, but I'm getting much closer to being able to implement a proper speedrun mode, and would welcome help brainstorming the list of changes/fixes that should be disabled for that. Things that I've thought might be relevant:
  • Spaz sidekicking bosses
  • Freezing the robot boss
  • Skipping Devan's second phase
  • Ravens freezing in place
  • Powerups for gun6, gun8, gun9 doing extra damage
  • Freedom of movement while using copters
  • Ease of buttstomping crates/barrels/monitors
  • Shooting while pushing crates/barrels/monitors/poles
  • Invincibility period after stomping something
  • Copter-earing onto a flight pickup
  • Carrying bird companions between levels

I've also considered removing the possibility (only during speedruns) of enemies randomly dropping carrots, since that affects your health management at random and doesn't seem fair--thoughts?

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