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Dec 18, 2021, 08:56 AM
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Thanks for the reply!
Originally Posted by Simon View Post
You should be able to avoid loading the water in Beach 2 by holding jump during level load.
To the best of my knowledge this was never changed, or if it was, it's available again in the most recent release.
Huge boost away from the woman after getting bitchslapped in Colony 1 as Jazz. This didn't work in Plus 5.5 Beta, it works in vanilla.
I don't think this has changed either, unless we're talking about different huge boosts. The timing is just unpleasantly precise to the point of feeling mostly random.
Spaz will vertically clip into ceilings and the run uses that in several spots; those should function. People love such shortcuts. But I don't remember if Plus messed with this part of the physics.
This sounds to me like part of the "wallclimbing" behavior that can be re-enabled by ticking "Quirks Mode" in the "Plus" dropdown menu, which the speedrun mode will enable on its own. But let me know if I'm misreading you and you're talking about something else.

For each of those except the Beach 2 start, what would be really useful is a .j2m file that reliably demonstrates the behavior in vanilla and reliably fails in JJ2+ v5.9. Otherwise these are super specific key inputs that I doubt I could reproduce on my own. (To create a .j2m, run a level from the command line using the -record option, e.g. jazz2 ./castle1 -record.)