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Aug 27, 2019, 10:51 AM
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The Jazz Jackrabbit marathon megathread!

To not clutter up the news with entries of Jazz getting accepted into marathons, I've made a thread where I will post whenever JJ1/JJ2 gets featured in a marathon. If you spot/are in any, be sure to post here too! To further cut down on clutter, please only note here if they get accepted, not merely just submitted.

I've been submitting to a lot of marathons. But to make it more interesting, I try to submit a selection of categories. What categories are you interested in seeing featured the most?

And yes, some other faces will be running! Keep your eyes peeled..

Q & A

Why don't you ask SimonN to submit JJ1 to marathons?
I'd love to, but the fact he refuses to use Discord makes organizing internet marathons virtually impossible. Many marathons outright require joining their Discord group.

Do I have to catch it live to watch them?
No, but it does add to the experience! They are usually archived and I'll post the recordings once the marathon is over.

What are these weird categories in the poll? 1-4 is the original Campaign right?
You can find them out here. Be sure to click misc! Episodes 1-4 are indeed the original campaign too.

Are you ever submitting to big on-site marathons (GDQ, ESA, etc)?
I'd like to but don't have the money right now. Maybe somewhere in the future.

Jazz Jackrabbit group:

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