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Aug 28, 2019, 01:38 PM
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To start this off, I'll be running Episodes 1-4 very soon at Speed Stuff 4 Charity 6 at September the 1st. There will be a bidwar during the marathon whether I get to run Jazz or Lori. You can find the schedule localized to your timezone and the channel here. All money raised will go towards The Trevor Project, a charity focused on LGBT suicide prevention and support.

Later on at October the 18th, I will be running Lori episodes 1-4 at Speedrun Ragnarok. There will also be a donation incentive for a new Spaz TSF tool assisted speedrun! The schedule can be found here, (EST only) and the channel here. They're also raising money for Take This, a charity dedicated to educating on mental health in the video gaming community.

I don't expect anyone to know these marathons, but there's many different ones running every year!

Jazz Jackrabbit group: