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Oct 7, 2019, 02:14 PM
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Thanks to JCF cookies/cache/whateverthehellyoucallit now lasting as long as I blink, I lost my 95% finished post entirely when attempting to go into advanced mode. Goddammit. I'll keep it more brief, I'm too annoyed to write anything more.

Here's the Fleet Fest 2 Spaz 1-4 recording, as co-commentated with me.

Also re-reminding that I'll be running at Speedrun Ragnarok 2019 doing Lori episodes 1-4 (again) on the 18th of October for most timezones. They finally got a localised schedule too. Hoping for better commentary and performance this time, even if others thought my first one was good, I still think I can do better. Don't forget about the shiny new Spaz TAS donation incentive - the goal has been announced as $150!

And Jazz is finally having a marathon appearance at Distant Star Cares 2019! I'll be racing BinaryBlob at November the 1st for most timezones. It's a hybrid marathon, but were doing online of course. Click this for your localised schedule.

This will also be the last off-site marathon run I'm doing in a while, until I get a fiber optic connection, as I am unsatisfied with the state of my internet for live-streaming.

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