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Dec 12, 2019, 07:58 AM
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Here it overdue update.
The run at speedrun Ragnarok had some technical issues with my internet deciding to go off in the middle of it. I've been trying to find the local recording, but it's buried in a folder.

Meanwhile, our recorded race at Distant Star Cares has still not been uploaded/highlighted yet. Fingers crossed it'll be soon.

As for upcoming live runs, Binaryblob is going to be doing Spaz episodes 1-4 at Dash Through Cancer, a one-off marathon! It was originally meant to be a race between Vug, but he stepped out for personal reasons (albeit unrelated to JJ2). You can find the localised schedule here and channel here. It'll be on the 15th of December for most people.

Expect another update around early/mid-January! Until then...

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