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Feb 12, 2020, 04:35 PM
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Mega update!

So..there's been a last-minute decision to add an All Episodes (with) Jazz run to Instaspeedathon 2020. It wasn't originally planned, but a runner had to drop out and no one else was willing to take Friday morning (of the 14th this month). I'm doing three runs there in total...and you can find the schedule localised to your timezone here. Apologies for the short notice, but I wanted to make sure this was 100% confirmed.

On other upcoming runs, I have a Lori episodes 1-4 run due on February the 27th, at Frame Fatales on the gamedonequick channel (yes, that channel). It'll most likely be my last marathon run with her in a long while. Find the schedule here!

As for recordings, the Distant Star Cares Jazz race recording is finally back! It's my best JJ2 marathon run so far and well, Binary slips up a lot. A surprisingly close race. The bonus xmas spaz race was cut, but lets say you haven't missed much (it was both a tech and skill disaster). Go watch the Dash against Cancer recording if you want to see a bonus xmas spaz run instead.

In other more recent recordings, my UKSG run has popped up. Being on-site, this one is in nice crisp quality and has a live cam. There was also a bid war, and somehow Lori won. For training with Jazz prior the entire time, it's okay enough.

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