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Mar 2, 2020, 05:49 PM
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New megapost time!

I'm going to be running Jazz episodes 1-4 very soon at Quickcade 2 - the 7th of March! It's an on-site event held at London, so expect more crisp footage and live cam! I'll also be meeting Ragnarok too! Unfortunately it was too late for him to book by the time I was going to ask, so he won't be at the venue. Click here for the schedule, localised to your timezone!

As for the run archive;

The first ever All Episodes marathon run came into action here, and it's with Jazz at Instaspeedathon! That's the main, demo and expansion levels all in one run. For the few days of practice I had, it's okay enough. Pardon the tech-hiccups, that was the hosts fault.

Here's the Lori run I did at Frame Fatales, a spin-off marathon held by GamesDoneQuick. It also happened to be really close to my UKSG time. Also, the in-game music and sound died because I rushed myself going on voice chat with the wrong device. Sorry about that.

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