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Oct 14, 2020, 01:08 PM
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Jazz2 marathon runs are back..both on close call of each other! It's a big coincidence. You may wanna take your pick which one to watch live.

To start off, Dominator_101 will be running Jazz episodes 1-4 at Shots Fired. You may remember he ran at this event before years ago, as a Spaz race with Binaryblob. Here's the channel and schedule, localised to your timezone!

Secondly, I will be running at Calithon Spooktacular, running Lori episodes 1-4. There's also a bonus incentive to run The Secret Files! Also, be prepared for a special dressed-up appearance on cam.... Find the channel here and localised times here!

I believe both marathons get a decent amount of viewership, so neither will be too quiet.

You can also check out the old NASA online recording with Jazz here. It also includes the glitch exhibition bonus incentive, you might learn a new (useless but fun) quirk or two!

Jazz Jackrabbit group: