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Dec 8, 2017, 07:23 AM
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This is a valid concern and a valid solution, however JJ2+ will not itself rebalance character abilities. Our scripting API exposes means by which such changes may be made on a per-level basis or in mutators, e.g. your proposal can be accomplished using jjPLAYER::jumpStrength.

When making gameplay changes, we try to make sure that they are one of: optional, a bugfix, or a feature likely originally planned but abandoned. Additionally we want changes to be reasonably backward compatible with existing levels (including user-created ones) and have very little influence on the competitive multiplayer scene.
Your request does not meet those criteria. There are many well-designed levels that would suffer from even very slight jump height modifications, especially in multiplayer. As such, we recommend using our scripting API if you'd rather play with this modification, as this way nobody else will be forced to experience the change. Unfortunately this is currently inconvenient as it requires a script file for every level, but we plan to allow enabling mutators in single player in the future to make it easier.

On a side note, notably all of the platforming sections that are difficult to finish using Lori are found in the TSF episode, which was exclusively released with Lori as a playable character. It's reasonable to consider the possibility that the fault here is not with the character design but rather bad level design or bad communication, and lack of proper testing. As such one solution not mentioned before is: if a platforming section in the level you're playing is awful, perhaps play a better level.

I am an official JJ2+ programmer and this has been an official JJ2+ statement.