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Jun 18, 2018, 12:21 PM
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Hello fellow rabbits,

Sorry about the massively belated answer to the thread.

I am looking at your modifications to Aztec 2 and I am literally speechless. I have to say I am quite oblivious to the extent of things which are obtainable nowadays with JJ2 tilesets but, damn, it took you no time to create new environments and atmospheres out of Aztec 2. Some talented people we have here! If there are any developments in these projects, I'll be happy to hear from them here!

A month has already passed since the release of Aztec 2 and I find myself playing with new tileset ideas. In case I get something going on, you can be sure I will be here to communicate about it. Treylina, thank you for your collaboration proposal. I am definitely not burnt out, but my working schedule/rhythm for JJ2 tilesets will be nothing less than erratic (if I even manage to start up a project again). I currently have no intention to do any more remakes or sequels to my old tilesets. But I am not one to turn down proposals like these. I'll contact you sooner or later!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me just say that JJ2, J2O and the community holds a special place in my heart. It will never go away and like you just witnessed this spring, the special spot is strong enough to pull me back in after 10 years of absence. Thank you everybody.

Let's end this post with a bit of trivia:

Did you spot the easter egg I planted in Aztec 2? I am worried I'd forget this myself so might as well share it right now Some of the scribblings in the wide pillars kind of make sense. This is because I've hidden names of some of my favourite games in there. You'll find references to JJ2, Mass Effect, Star Control 2, Descent (2) and The Witcher. Did ever play these games?
[]Aztec 2[/URL]
Blade's blog on creating the new tileset (Fortress, that is)

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