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Jan 4, 2007, 07:30 PM
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Shweet idea, CT.

-=n0's profile=-

NZero (or n0 or nobody or N0B0DY or theonlyn0b0dy, born Charles Nobody Dragonson) is a orange echidna/dragon cyborg technomage.

Echidna head, walks upright but has more meat on him then knuckles, has a big 'ol dragon tail (about a foot of it lays on the floor when standing), and wings that are tucked away in a backpack when not in use. Different authors sometimes kept the wings a secret.

He wears a hoodie jacket (hoodie with a zipper down the front left open), tshirt and baggy cargo pants, a dogtag chain without the dogtags (It's a nobody pun, get it?), sometimes wears fingerless gloves, no shoes.

The cyborg part is his leg, the tip of his tail, and one of his quills. Leg is set up for maximum kicking/jumping(a big help for his dragon wings), but he limps a little if he just walks. Tail is a swiss army knife for long range weapons. Quill is technomage/visual/audio/radio/all senses enhancer, and is where the cyborg part connects to the brain. If you hit him with an emp, all he'd be able to do is walk (The aux. kicks in if the leg loses power)

Technomagery is used for hand to hand combat, not long distance, and gives n0 the ability to pull energy out of the neutrons around him and form it into simple objects, usually a bo staff or a giant ball hadoken style. This neutron energy can be formed into other things as well, but the bigger, more complex, and further away it gets the harder n0 must concentrate and the less he can concentrate on what is going on. If he stops thinking about an object he made, it ceases to exist. Also, the energy can be on different levels, from energy that cuts like a lightsaber to energy that feels like marble to the touch.

He is one of those people who doesn't really want to get noticed. If he was in a class room he would sit middle row on the edge of the room, somewhere that draws the least attention to himself. He is shy, but if you get to know him he has a great sense of humor and most of his jokes make fun of himself. When in a battle situation, he tends to play sniper with his tail over his shoulder until he must fight hand to hand, and when he is fighting hand to hand he uses his neutron bo staff and little else. He does not like to show off.

He is mildly allergic to everything (Hay fever); he tries not to let it show, but he is insecure about his cyborg parts. He is weak against air and electricity, strong against earth and water. Neutron energy is good offensive but bad defensive, so he tries to use natural defenses whenever possible. Another possible weakness is that his whole family is alive. Mother Father Sister (Names: Mom, Dad, Kristy.) Possible hostage situation. He has something to lose.

He lived in an average home, went to an average school, always took martial arts, no sports but skate/snowboarding. He was interested in the up and coming technology of bio implants, went to a college that had a major in it, and got a workstudy job with the professor who taught the graduate-level classes in biotech. One night he was moving heavy equipment around and took a bad turn, the equipment crushed his leg and tail. The prof grabbed a prototype leg and tail and a jar of nanobots and fixed him right up. n0 was in a wheelchair until they replaced his quill (special built by the prof) so he could control his leg and tail. His parents sued the school, made millions. n0, now feeling like a freak being the only cyborg on the planet, used his portion of the money to buy some necessities and catch a shuttle off the planet, he now makes a living as a mercenary or whatever odd jobs he can find. He can never stay in one place too long, he assumes everyone is predijust against him because of his cyborg side, and there is nothing anyone can do to convince him otherwise.

In the future, he would like to find a place where he can be comfortable, but this probably won't happen unless he marries another cyborg and moves into cyborgvill.

I tried to make him not overly powerful, I know how easy it is to go mary sue with your namesake character.
-=end n0's profile=-

-=Kristy's profile=-
Kristy Rose Dragonson (Sometimes called Kris) is n0's sister, and is the only person from his home planet he still is in contact with.

Purple echidna/dragon mix. The dragon in her came out not so much physical as mental/psysic. She has an incredible intuition, n0 checks all his major plans with her to maker sure nothing is going to go terribly wrong.

Even from a young age, her knack for the psysic has been noticed, and as such, even though she is not yet 18, she has a good job as a member of the Interplanatary Disputes Council, where her gut instinct is a major driving factor in decision-making.
-=End Kristy's profile (for now)=-

-=A bit on the hometown=-
The Dragonson Family is from an unnamed planet that knows magic better than technology. The planet does have a space port, but it is not frequently used, as this planet has no major exports and very little imports. The planet was colonized by a glactic group of mages and misfits who didn't like their governments and who's governments didn't like them. Because of the many diffrent races from across the galaxy, and the native dragons, after a few hundred years crossbreeds such as the Dragonson family are the norm.
-=That's all folks!=-

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